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A fresh take on Father's Day with Grooming Expert, Lee Kynaston

A fresh take on Father's Day with Grooming Expert, Lee Kynaston

Searching for that special Father’s Day fragrance? Then make sure you look beyond the words ‘pour homme’ says Grooming Expert Lee Kynaston…

Few Father’s Day gifts hit the mark quite like fragrance does. Not only is it a touch of luxury in a bottle, there’s an intimate, emotional connotation to giving someone something worn so closely on the skin that can lift the mood of the wearer. What’s more, with the average 100ml bottle providing over 1,000 individual sprays, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s time to think beyond outdated gender stereotypes - limit your choice to fragrances labelled ‘pour homme’, and you’re automatically ruling out a whole swathe of incredible scents men will love receiving this Father’s Day.

Do so and you’ll not only show off your fragrance chops, you’ll be bang on trend too, because sales of unisex fragrances have rocketed in recent years, as gender lines have blurred, men have become more experimental and traditional notions of what’s ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ have fallen by the wayside. In fact, according to research company Mintel, gender-neutral fragrances now account for more than half of all new fragrance launches.

Gender neutrality is nothing new for Miller Harris, of course, with all the fragrances in the range designed to be explored by both men and women alike. The warm, woody Peau Santal, for example, works beautifully on the skin of either sex, especially as the subtle creaminess of its dry down develops, while Étui Noir’s soft, smoky leatheriness gives it a timeless quality that makes it a favourite of men and women of all ages and explains why it’s one of the company’s best sellers. (An accompanying Body Wash and fragranced soap are also available if you really want to spoil your dad).

Rêverie de Bergamote, meanwhile, brings things bang up-to-date. Launched just a few weeks ago, it’s a wonderfully citrusy fragrance that fuses a trio of deliciously zingy citrus notes (bergamot, tangerine and orange) with aromatic herbs and a warm, woody base. Crisp, bright and energising, it occupies classic cologne territory and is perfect for younger dads, sporty types and those who prefer light, crisp scents, while its cheery, optimistic vibe and sunny yellow bottle make it perfect for summer.

Finally, if you’re looking for something for a keen gardener then plump for one of my own personal favourites - the wonderfully green La Feuille. With its juicy berry top notes, horticultural heart of ivy, fig and tomato leaf, and warm, earthy base of oak leaf, moss and cedarwood, it’s a fragrance guaranteed to win Best in Show at any time of year, let alone on Father’s Day.

Any of these unisex creations would make the perfect gift for a deserving dad this year - especially since smelling good is once again top of the agenda now we’re all emerging from lockdown and face-to-face interaction is once again ‘a thing’. And if your dad’s going to smell good he may as well smell Miller Harris good, right?

There’s another little bonus with these genderless essentials of course: in the (extremely unlikely) event of your dad not liking your choice of gift you can always snatch it back and wear it yourself! A result either way I reckon!

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