Can you send me free samples?

We do not send free samples on request, but when you buy samples we will send you a voucher to save on a full-sized bottle. Samples can be purchased here.


Are your products vegan?            

Our products are suitable for vegans and cruelty free. You can be confident that our products are formulated entirely without animal-derived products. We are taking part in our second ESG audit with Positive Luxury on all matters relating to being a conscious luxury brand. This report will be finalised in June 2023 when we will release the details as part of our ongoing manifesto.  


Where will my order be shipped from? 

EU orders are shipped from our EU warehouse in Germany. We are able to send products to many countries, however due to certain custom regulations beyond our control there may be some restrictions with regards to goods containing alcohol. This includes Eau de Parfum. If we can't ship to your market, we will often have a local wholesaler we can recommend, so please ask our customer service team.   


Charity requests?

Miller Harris receive a large number of requests asking for donations and support with charity events and we regret are not able to support each request. We are sorry your request may not receive a positive response and wish you success.


What are Top Notes, Base Notes, and Lasting Impressions?          

All fragrances are blends of ingredients that evaporate at different rates. The top notes are those ingredients that evaporate soon after application to the skin and give the first burst of freshness. The middle or heart notes which evaporate less quickly usually represent the main character of the fragrance and can last for up to four or five hours depending on the fragrance type. The lasting impressions can last many hours and can also modify the behaviour of the more volatile top note ingredients to increase their lasting power.   


Product shelf life

All of our fragrances are created using natural ingredients and these ingredients can decay over time. Miller Harris recommend that our fragrances, bath and body and home fragrances should be used within three years of manufacture.