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Perfumer's Notes - Bergamot

Imagine a summer spent in Southern Italy. Glorious sunshine beating down, warming your skin, as the morning breeze drifts over fields of bergamot trees, bringing with it the scent fresh citrus fruits.

Sometimes referred to as “the finest flower of citrus”, bergamot is a subtle and complex scent. Fruity, acidulous and fresh, with a bitterness and subtle floralcy that sets it apart from other citrus notes, bergamot fragrance is one of the most popular scents in the perfume industry.

Bergamot trees have been growing for the past 600 years in the region of Calabria in Southern Italy, where more than 80% of the essential oil is produced, and are believed to be a hybrid emerging from the natural cross between a lemon tree and a bitter orange or lime tree.

A completely unique climate, the Calabria region boasts a concurrence of natural conditions that exist nowhere else in the world. In no other region is the combination of factors so favourable to the cultivation of bergamots, ensuring an essential oil of superior quality. It is this region where we choose to source our bergamot oil, working with a traceable supply chain to buy directly from citrus cooperatives in Calabria with contracts that guarantee a fair and reliable income to producers.

In 2001, the sector obtained the seal of the AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protegee meaning Protected Designation of Origin) - a designation recognised throughout Europe certifying that all production and processing stages are carried out in the same geographical area according to an established tradition of knowledge and skills which give the product its characteristics.

Displaying a kaleidoscope of colours, bergamot begins as a green fruit, much like a lime, and turns into a vibrant yellow orange. We harvest the fruit at the beginning of winter, and the freshly picked fruit is then washed and the essential oil extracted by scraping the skins of the bergamot rind.

Known for it’s uplifting, energising qualities, bergamot essential oil is commonly used within aromatherapy and is often used as a top note in compositions within most fragrance families. In fact, it features in almost all modern perfumes – particularly within chypre and fougère fragrances, bringing a fresh and sunny citrus air to both male and female scents.

Discover our Bergamot Perfumes...

Rêverie de Bergamote

Using a high natural concentration of dazzling bergamot from the Calabria region, as well as natural tangerine, Rêverie de Bergamote is a soulful, aromatic citrus fragrance created by perfumer Emilie Bouge. Citrus fruits bring a bright and energetic opening that fuses effortlessly with a medley of natural aromatic herbs and woods in a unique and noted journey of an unforgettable scent. A sense of intrigue is added with the use of an earthy vetiver which balances everything in a reverie of blissful mornings, surrounded by light and shadows, music and words.

Tea Tonique

A truly masterful and instantly uplifting tea fragrance, Tea Tonique is inspired by a trip to a tea plantation: early morning mist rolling over rows of neatly planted shrubs, bringing with it a sparkling zest from the crisp leaves. Tea Tonique captivates the senses, an infusion of Italian bergamot and floral earl grey bring a unique and refreshing floralcy, combining with earthy maté and the smoky facets of birch. The cooling spice of nutmeg provides contrast to this delicate and optimistic perfume.

Lumière Dorée

Energising sunshine, filtered through the branches of the orange tree. A perfume that tells the story of neroli, steam-distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange. Lumière Dorée is intoxicating and fresh, summery and a unisex fragrance, balancing both sides of neroli: zingy floralcy with the intensity of the white blossom lifted by shimmering bergamot. The petitgrain, taken from the same tree as the flower, is also used to provide a woody herbaceous undertone that offers depth and long lasting dry down. The luminous backdrop of soft amber and clean musks carries the freshness throughout the day.

Violet Ida

Opening with a sweet yet fresh, citrus and herbaceous note of bergamot and carrot seed, Violet Ida showcases the versatility of this fruity note, combining it with a plush cloud of powdery iris and the deep exclusive presence of Orris butter from Tuscany. Vanilla and amber bring a modernity and smoothness to the rich, evocative scent, evoking a contrast of old and new and polished refinement.

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