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leather perfume, best leather perfume

Perfumer's Notes - Leather

leather perfume, best leather perfume

Leather. A note with an illustrious history and one that often carries a bit of a cult following. Leather and perfumery go way back. The very first leather perfume, so far as records show, was worn by King George III. One of the earliest synthetic accords to be developed. Leather perfumes are usually created from a synthetic molecule, however a similar scent can also be evoked using a combination of ingredients such as tobacco, birch tar and patchouli.

Often a scent that evokes rich memories, leather is versatile and adaptable. Depending on the other notes it is paired with, it can conjure nostalgic emotions or bring a sense of intrigue and edge. When looking for the best leather perfume for you, considering how you want the fragrance to make you feel is key. If you treasure memories of old libraries and dusty leather bound books, leather perfumes can bring a nostalgic, comforting presence to you. On the other hand, if leather reminds you of throwing on your favourite jacket and heading out for a night in town, leather can be more evocative and sensual. In many perfumes, leather brings a dramatic presence and deep sense of luxury and expense, often with a masculine edge.

In our Leather Rouge fragrance, a mysterious and sumptuous black leather forms the backdrop to surprising bursts of rich colour. Created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin, an unbridled concentration of leather in this fragrance and red rose brings the seductive character, but the olfactory surprise of the explosion of raspberry brings the lighter tanginess that delivers a unique and distinctive fragrance that is a precision application of accords. A unique and quite expressive scent for the perfumer Mathieu Nardin, Leather Rouge is unisex, bold, and confident, perfect for those wishing to make a statement.

For a leather perfume with a softer side, Étui Noir offers a poetic interpretation of this classic note. Describing leather in multiple forms - from patent boots, to gentle suede, to the scent of a well-worn leather jacket, Étui Noir is exhilarating yet comforting. As with all Miller Harris creations, we gave Étui Noir our own special twist. Where leather fragrances can often be overtly masculine, smokey or spicy, perfumer Mathieu Nadin conjured a more romantic vision and has created a scent that you buy for your partner and almost always borrow back. The effect of suede-like leather is softened with powdery iris, where the balsamic sweetness of incense provides a lick of hypnotic smokiness and vetiver adds an earthy edge.

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