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cedar perfume

Perfumer's Notes - Cedar

cedar perfume
Cedarwood is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery and one of the most easily identifiable scents for our nose. Whereas in the past this woody note has featured heavily in background, base notes of fragrances, more recently it has begun to take centre stage as more cedar perfumes gain popularity.

Unlike the more commonly known sandalwood, cedar perfume has more of a gutsy character with a dry, smoky, peppery feel that brings to mind expensive wooden pencils and evergreen forests. Usually derived from the trees of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco or in the dry landscapes of Virginia, cedarwood oil is often used in aromatherapy and can be used to bring the same calm and comforting presence to fragrance.

This is the case in our Private Collection icon, Le Cèdre. A timeless yet modern classic, aromatic cedarwood is given a centre stage spotlight in this quietly exquisite interpretation of an archetypal woody fragrance. Stimulating black pepper adding spice and warmth, incense imparts a subtle wisp of smoke whilst cashmere wood and musk blend and harmonise Le Cèdre into a supremely elegant fragrance.

As with all Miller Harris fragrances, we start with an individual ingredient and seek to showcase this in often new and unexpected ways. The Private Collection takes this philosophy, but showcases where the perfumer has woven the concept in their personality and handwriting. In this case, the perfumer has captured the cedar note in a sophisticated and carefully placed blend of ingredients, each one making room for the other, while keeping the essential harmony of the cedarwood at the centre of the construction. It is a testament to restraint that creates this unique perfume.

Showcasing the versatility of cedarwood, when paired with fresh, citrus notes, cedar can bring a crisp freshness to Summer perfumes, as demonstrated in our Editions Collection classic, L’eau Magnetic. Evoking the carefree feeling of standing on a deserted cove, sand between your toes, surrounded by the natural scents of the ocean, L'Eau Magnetic is a nuanced aquatic perfume. The sea air carries with it the scent of sun-bleached driftwood, with the addition of white cedar. Shimmering salt crystals reflect the light as the waves softly lap against the sand and break on the rocks with airy pink pepper and zingy citrus balance against the crisp clarity of leafy petitgrain.

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